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Platform Overview

(1) KC is a decentralized platform for personal asset management and interaction.
(2) Users should comply with laws and regulations, and respect others' privacy and intellectual property rights when using the platform.

User Autonomy

(1) Users are fully autonomous on KC and must bear responsibility for their actions.
(2) Users are responsible for securing their passwords and CHAIN ID.

Data Security and Privacy

User data is stored on decentralized networks. KC does not store any personal information. Users must take measures to protect their personal data security.

Content Policy

KC provides diverse content, including official releases and user-generated content. All content is protected by intellectual property laws and must not be used for commercial purposes without authorization.

Application Privacy

(1) We do not require your name, email, passport, or selfie.
(2) The CHAIN ID in the KC application is the only authentication, which should be kept safely as assets cannot be recovered once lost.


Proves you are a real and unique individual without revealing who you are. Once you have a CHAIN ID, you can use it to prove you are real and unique. Importantly, developers (including us) cannot see what you have used your CHAIN ID for in the past; when you use it, they can only see what you are trying to do with it.

Competitions and Activities

KC offers various competitions and promotional activities for registered users. Each activity has its specific rules and conditions.

Applicable Law

The KC terms of service are governed and interpreted under the laws of the United Kingdom.

Severability and Waiver

(1) If any term is deemed invalid, it will be modified as necessary to remain enforceable.
(2) Failure by KC to exercise or enforce any right does not constitute a waiver of such right.

Entire Agreement and Revision

(1) This agreement represents the complete agreement related to KC.
(2) Terms of service may change according to blockchain network consensus rules.
(3) KC reserves the right to modify the terms of service at any time.

Copyright Complaints

KC respects and protects copyright and intellectual property rights. Users can file complaints following the specified procedure for infringement.


1.Decentralized Network Characteristics:
Due to KC's reliance on decentralized network technology, its operation differs from traditional centralized services. There may be unpredictability and discontinuity in data transmission.

2.User Responsibility and Autonomy:
Users have higher autonomy in decentralized networks but must bear full responsibility for their actions and decisions. This includes managing network security and data protection.

3.Service Continuity and Stability:
Service continuity and stability cannot be guaranteed due to reliance on decentralized networks, which may be affected by network fluctuations and external factors.

4.Risk Warning:
Risks associated with decentralized networks include system failures, hacking, or data loss. Users must be cautious and understand these risks.

5.Data and Content Reliability:
KC cannot guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of data and content stored on the network. Users should verify information obtained through the KC platform.


KC adopts a decentralized management model and encourages users to manage and use the platform responsibly. Users should ensure their actions are legal and comply with platform policies. Using the KC platform signifies your agreement to adhere to these terms of service.

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