KcPay Privacy Policy

Dear Users,

Welcome to KcPay, a service that focuses on providing high-quality digital asset management and trading services, enhanced by advanced facial recognition technology for account security. This service is designed for all natural persons or legal entities registered and logged into KcPay (hereinafter referred to as "You" or "Users").

Before you start using KcPay, we strongly recommend reading and understanding all contents of our Service Terms and Privacy Policy, especially important information such as disclaimers, which will be emphasized in bold for easy identification and understanding. Key terminologies in this policy are consistent with those in our "KC Service Agreement."

KcPay may offer versions in multiple languages to cater to our global users. In case of any conflict or omission between different language versions, the English version shall prevail. We are committed to continuously optimizing our services to provide a secure, reliable, and efficient environment for digital asset management and trading.

We recognize the importance of privacy for our users, so we employ industry-leading encryption technologies to protect your personal data and transaction security. Our privacy policy elaborately details the aspects of data collection, usage, and protection to ensure the proper handling of your personal information.

Thank you for trusting and supporting KcPay. We look forward to offering you an exceptional service experience and supporting your journey in the digital asset realm. Should you have any queries or need assistance during the use of our services, please feel free to contact us through our customer support channels.

1、Acceptance and Acknowledgement of the Agreement

1.1 When using KC and the decentralized applications (DApps) independently developed and owned by us on KcPay, it is essential to understand and accept the following terms and conditions. Please note that this agreement and related agreements apply only to our self-developed DApps and exclude those developed by third parties.

Scope of the Agreement: This agreement covers all your activities on KcPay and our self-developed DApps. DApps developed by third parties might be governed by their own service terms and privacy policies, which we recommend you read carefully. Nature and Use of DApps: Our DApps aim to offer innovative decentralized services, including but not limited to digital asset trading, asset management, and smart contract interactions. When using DApps, comply with all applicable laws and regulations and be responsible for your actions. Decentralized Nature: Our DApps operate on a decentralized network, meaning they are not controlled or managed by a single entity. This decentralization might result in a user experience and risks different from traditional centralized applications. User Responsibility: Be aware of the risks involved in using DApps, including technical failures or network fluctuations. Safeguard your account information and private keys to prevent unauthorized access. Agreement Confirmation: By using KcPay, including downloading one of our mobile apps or visiting our website, you agree to the practices outlined in this privacy policy. Intellectual Property Protection: KcPay and its DApps contain materials and content protected by intellectual property laws. Without our explicit written permission, you must not copy, modify, transmit, or use these materials in any way. 1.2: Changes and Updates: We might periodically update this agreement or the functionalities of DApps to enhance our services. We recommend regularly checking for updates to stay informed of any changes.

2、 Definitions in the Agreement

2.1: KcPay: A comprehensive and efficient digital asset management solution meticulously crafted by our company using blockchain technology. Below is a detailed description of KcPay to help you better understand and utilize our services:

2.2: Product Features and Characteristics
(1): Digital Asset Storage: KcPay enables users to securely store, manage, and trade various digital assets, including cryptocurrencies, tokens, and other blockchain-based assets.
(2): Multifunctionality: Beyond being a wallet, KcPay also offers a range of auxiliary tools to enhance your blockchain system usage, such as transaction tracking, asset analysis, and security encryption.

2.3: User Interface and Experience: We strive to provide an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making blockchain technology accessible to both newcomers and experienced users alike.

2.4: Security and Privacy
(1) Advanced Security Measures: We employ state-of-the-art security technologies to protect your assets and personal information, like multi-signature, end-to-end encryption, etc.
(2) Privacy Commitment: Respecting and protecting user privacy is our top priority. KcPay ensures the safety and confidentiality of your transactions and personal data.

2.5: Technical Support and Services
(1) Continuous Updates: KcPay is constantly updated and optimized technically to adapt to the evolution of blockchain technology and market changes.
(2) Customer Support: Our professional team offers round-the-clock customer service to assist with any issues you may encounter while using KcPay.

2.6: Personal Information: Your privacy and protection of personal data are crucial to us. The following section provides detailed information on how we process your personal data through KcPay. To ensure a secure and efficient service experience for KcPay users, we collect only the necessary personal information. Below is a detailed explanation of the types of information we may collect and their purposes:

2.7 Contact Information
(1) Collection Method: We may collect your contact information when you seek support, report issues, or provide feedback, such as phone numbers or email addresses.
(2) Purpose of Use: These details are used for communication, addressing your queries, offering necessary customer support, and improving our services.

2.8 Social Media Interactions
(1) Data Type: If you choose to interact with us through social media platforms, we may access publicly available information on these platforms.
(2) Purpose: These interactions help us better understand user needs and feedback to provide more personalized services.

2.9 Wallet Address Information
(1) Data Collected: We process and record public wallet addresses generated by users in KcPay, fundamental for blockchain transactions.
(2) Reason for Use: Wallet addresses are necessary for conducting and tracking transactions, helping us ensure smooth transaction processing and providing transaction history.

2.10 Transparency and Control
(1) User Rights: We value users' control over their personal information. You have the right to access, correct, or delete your personal information at any time.
(2) Policy Updates: We regularly review and update our privacy policy to ensure it aligns with the latest legal requirements and industry standards.

2.11 The personal information collected on KcPay is primarily used to provide necessary services, enhance user experience, and ensure the platform's security and effectiveness. We are committed to handling all user data responsibly and maintaining high standards of user privacy protection.

3、Service Definitions

3.1 KcPay Description
KcPay is the world's only facial recognition digital wallet, meticulously developed by our company using cutting-edge blockchain technology. It is not just a platform for securely storing digital assets but also encompasses a suite of auxiliary tools aimed at helping users use blockchain systems more safely. The platform offers an intuitive user interface and diverse functionalities, making the complexities of blockchain technology user-friendly.

3.2 Facial Recognition Technology
When using KcPay, users can utilize a unique identification code for facial recognition import, a process that is both simple and secure.
(1) Unique Identification Code: Users first need to authenticate their identity using a unique identification code provided by KcPay. This code is a special identifier generated by the KcPay platform for each user, ensuring the uniqueness and security of user identities.
(2) Facial Recognition Technology: After entering the identification code, users will undergo facial recognition verification. KcPay uses advanced facial recognition technology, which not only ensures the efficiency of the verification process but also provides additional security. This technology accurately identifies and verifies users, preventing unauthorized access.

3.3 Private Key
This key is crucial for accessing and managing TRC wallets. The private key is securely encrypted, ensuring that only the user can access and control their assets.

3.4 Mnemonic Phrase
As a more memorable form of the private key, the mnemonic phrase is vital for backing up and restoring wallets.

3.5 Wallet Address
This address is the public address for receiving and sending TRC tokens, similar to a bank account number. User identity is represented by a unique digital identity generated through a pair of public and private keys. This method ensures user anonymity and security while making transactions and asset management transparent and traceable on the blockchain.

3.6 Security and Privacy Protection
Throughout the process, KcPay strictly protects user security and privacy. All personal information, including facial recognition data and private keys, is encrypted to ensure that only the user can access it.

3.7 Creating or Importing Wallet Process
Users can easily create new wallets or import existing ones on the KcPay platform. This process is designed to be straightforward and intuitive, so even those new to blockchain technology can easily get started.

3.8 Importance of Wallet Password
The password set by users when creating a KcPay wallet is crucial as it encrypts and protects the private key, forming the first line of defense for securing digital assets. Users must ensure the security of their wallet password to prevent disclosure to any third parties.

3.9 Specific User Definition
According to laws and regulations in the UK and other countries, certain users may need to cooperate with us to fulfill obligations such as personal information disclosure. These "specific users" may be subject to additional regulatory requirements due to their identity or behavior.

3.10 Special Status of Developer Users
For those tech professionals or organizations using KcPay's open-source code and developer mode, we offer additional services and support. These developer users can leverage our technology to create or integrate their applications, expanding the functionalities and application scenarios of digital wallets.

3.11 Core Role of Private Key
The private key is central to managing digital assets. Comprising 256 random characters, it is a unique security credential for each wallet, which users need to securely maintain.

3.12 Public Key
Public keys are generated from private keys using cryptographic principles and are used to create digital wallet addresses on the blockchain. These addresses act as public addresses for receiving digital assets.

3.13 Convenience of Mnemonic Phrases:
To facilitate the backup and recovery of wallets, mnemonic phrases serve as an easily recordable form of private keys. Typically consisting of a series of ordered words, they allow users to easily restore access to their wallets when needed.

3.14 Security of Keystore Files:
A Keystore is an encrypted file containing a user's private key or mnemonic phrase, secured with a password set by the user. This file is stored exclusively on the user's mobile device and is never uploaded to KcPay's servers, providing an additional layer of protection for the user's digital assets.


4.1 Data Processing on KcPay:
Our handling of personal data on KcPay strictly adheres to relevant privacy and data protection principles. Below are the detailed principles and measures we uphold in processing your personal data:

(1) Legality, Fairness, and Transparency: We commit to processing your personal data lawfully, fairly, and transparently. Our privacy policy clearly presents the legal basis for our data processing activities and ensures complete transparency to you.

(2) Specific Purpose for Data Collection: We only collect personal data for specific, explicit, and legitimate purposes mentioned in this privacy policy. This means the data we collect is directly related to the services we provide and is limited to what is necessary for these services.

(3) Adequacy and Relevance of Data: We ensure that the personal data processed is both adequate and relevant, strictly limited to the minimum necessary. We do not require users to provide additional information beyond what is necessary for our services, for example, we do not access or store your funds (such as private keys) or require your name or email address.

(4) Accuracy and Timeliness of Data: We strive to ensure the accuracy of the collected personal data and update it as necessary. This includes verifying information provided by users and promptly correcting any inaccuracies or outdated information.

(5) Time Limitation for Data Storage: We store personal data only as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes of collection. Once data is no longer needed or a user requests its deletion, we process it in a timely manner, unless legally required otherwise.

(6) Data Security: We implement appropriate security measures to protect your personal data from unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction. This includes using encryption technology, access control, and other technical and organizational security measures. By following these principles, KcPay is committed to providing efficient and secure services while protecting user privacy and personal data security. We always prioritize users' privacy rights and data security and continually optimize our practices to meet the highest privacy protection standards.

4.2 Local Storage of Private Keys:
Your private keys are stored entirely on your device, ensuring security and confidentiality. KcPay does not access or store your private keys.

4.3 Categories of Personal Data Collected:
(1) Identity Information: Such as nicknames and emails, collected only when subscribing to newsletters or commenting.
(2) Device Information: Including hardware models, operating systems, versions, device identifiers, etc., used to optimize service experience.
(3) Analytical Information: User usage of the application, helping us improve our services.
(4) Information Provided by Users: Such as email addresses, virtual currency addresses, etc., collected only with your consent.

4.4 Processing of Personal Data:
When you use KcPay or communicate with us, we may process your personal data.
Including service usage, application browsing, communication, comments, subscription updates, and correspondence, etc.

4.5 Purposes and Legal Basis for Processing Personal Data:
(1) Service Provision: To provide you with KcPay services.
(2) Transaction Execution: Processing your transactions in the app.
(3) Communication/Updates: Providing information of interest to you.
(4) Compliance with Regulations: Following regulatory requirements.
(5) Application Maintenance: Managing your requests and settings to ensure the app's operation.
(6) Fraud Prevention: Protecting the app from illegal activities.
(7) Service Improvement: Optimizing app experience through data analysis and research.
(8) Customer Support: Providing necessary notifications and resolving issues.
We are committed to ensuring the security of your personal data and process it only when necessary and with your explicit consent. KcPay pledges to respect users' privacy rights and takes all necessary measures to protect your personal information and transaction data.

5、Blockchain Transaction Transparency

5.1 Blockchain transactions conducted in KcPay may be relayed through servers or nodes of the distributed network. Due to the nature of blockchain technology, these transaction records are publicly available on the distributed ledger.
(1) Visibility of Transactions: All blockchain transactions executed through KcPay are recorded on public blockchains, making this transaction data visible to anyone accessing that blockchain.
(2) Data Security: While the transactions themselves are public, KcPay ensures the security of users' private keys, which are not disclosed. The private key, crucial for transactions, is vital for protecting your assets.
(3) User Anonymity: Although transactions are public, KcPay does not reveal users' real identity information. Transaction records are not directly linked to users' personal identities unless the user voluntarily discloses them.
(4) Transparency and Compliance: KcPay encourages transparent and compliant transaction practices. By recording transactions on the blockchain, KcPay supports the creation of a trustworthy and verifiable transaction environment.

6、Secure Communication and Confidentiality Measures with KcPay Servers

6.1 KcPay ensures that all data transfers with servers are conducted through HTTPS, providing encryption protection during data transmission, thereby enhancing data security and confidentiality.
(1) Data Protection Measures: We have implemented stringent security and organizational measures to protect stored data from accidental loss, misuse, unauthorized access, alteration, or disclosure.
(2) Access Control: Only specifically authorized employees who need to know the relevant personal data for business purposes can access this data. These employees will process personal data following our instructions and under confidentiality agreements.
(3) Awareness of Data Transmission Risks: Despite all the security measures we take, users should be aware that there are still risks in data transmission. Users are responsible for the security of their login information and passwords and should keep them confidential.
(4) Response to Data Breaches: We have detailed procedures in place to handle any potential data breach incidents. In the event of a data breach, we will notify the relevant regulatory authorities in a timely manner as required by law and take steps to mitigate any potential negative impacts.

6.2 Through these measures, KcPay is committed to providing users with a secure and reliable digital wallet environment while ensuring the proper protection of users' personal data. We understand the importance of digital asset security to our users and continually strive to enhance our security standards and data protection capabilities.

7、Aggregate Usage Statistics and User Experience Improvement

7.1 To continuously optimize the performance and user experience of KcPay, we collect statistical data about service usage. This includes but is not limited to the frequency of application use, the popularity of features, and user interaction paths.
(1) Data Processing: The collected statistical data is used only for analysis and evaluation, enabling us to identify trends and patterns in the service, guiding us in product improvements, feature upgrades, and interface optimization.
(2) Protecting User Privacy: We emphasize the importance of user privacy. Therefore, when conducting usage statistics, we use aggregated and anonymized processing. This means that the collected data will not be associated with any personally identifiable information, such as names, email addresses, or other data that can identify an individual user.
(3) Transparent Processing: We are committed to transparent processing of user data. Users can rest assured that our analysis focuses on overall trends and general issues, not specific behaviors of individual users.
(4) Purpose of Use: The collected data is primarily used for internal analysis, helping us better understand user needs, improve product design, optimize user interfaces, and enhance the user experience.
(5) Feedback and Improvement: Additionally, we encourage users to provide feedback directly to us. Users' opinions and suggestions are an important reference for us to improve our services.
7.2 Through the analysis and application of aggregated usage statistics, KcPay aims to continually enhance service quality while ensuring that users' personal privacy is fully protected. Our goal is to provide users with a safe, efficient, and intuitive digital wallet experience.

8、Wallet Creation Process and Responsibilities

8.1 Necessity of Creating a Wallet:
(1) Usage Condition: Before starting to use all services offered by KcPay, users must create their own digital wallet on the KcPay platform.
(2) Functionality of the Wallet: This wallet will serve as the key tool for users to carry out various transactions and asset management on the blockchain.

8.2 Acceptance of the Agreement:
(1) Agreement Confirmation: Upon first creating a wallet, users will be presented with KcPay's service agreement. By clicking the "Agree" button, users indicate they understand and are willing to abide by all terms of the agreement.
(2) Legal Binding: Once accepted, this agreement will have legal binding and apply to the user or their represented organization.

8.3 Availability of Services:
(1) Legal Compliance: KcPay reserves the right to decide whether to provide services based on the geographical location of the user and local laws and regulations.
(2) Service Refusal: In certain legal environments, KcPay may be unable to offer services to users in specific regions.

8.4 User Commitments:
(1) Legal Use: Users commit to using the wallet for lawful purposes and ensure not to conduct any illegal activities through KcPay.
(2) Legality of Assets: Users must ensure that all digital assets deposited in KcPay are legally obtained.
(3) Adherence to Rules: Users agree to comply with all rules and policies published by KcPay, including but not limited to usage guidelines and risk warnings.

8.5 Voluntary Use:
User's Autonomous Decision: Users should understand that the decision to use KcPay is entirely based on their own will, and the platform does not influence user decisions through improper means.

8.6 Through these terms, KcPay aims to ensure lawful, transparent, and secure use of the platform while safeguarding user rights and defining the platform's boundaries of responsibility. These guiding principles help maintain a stable and trustworthy digital asset management environment.

9、Information We Collect and Its Purposes

9.1 Types of Information Collected:
(1) Mobile Device Information: Including device model, operating system version, device settings, file and software names and types.
(2) Operation and Transaction Records: Documenting your activities and transaction history in KcPay to provide transaction support and troubleshooting.
(3) Wallet Address: Used to identify your blockchain transaction records.

9.2 Security of Key Information:
Password and Key Security: KcPay does not store your passwords, private keys, mnemonic phrases, or Keystores, ensuring the security of these key pieces of information remains entirely in your hands.

9.3 Handling Additional Information:
(1) Special Notifications and Consent: For certain specific features requiring more information, we will inform you in advance and obtain your consent.
(2) Data Handling by Third-Party DApps: When using third-party DApps, they may collect your personal information, for which KcPay is not responsible.

9.4 Device Permission Usage:
Camera and Album Access: To enable QR code scanning and image saving, KcPay requires access to your camera and album.

9.5 Legal and Regulatory Compliance:
Handling of Information in Specific Cases: Within the scope permitted by law, such as matters related to national security or public interest, we may process your personal information without obtaining your consent.

9.6 Methods of Information Collection:
(1) Provided by Users: Such as contact details submitted in personal settings, or additional information provided while using specific services.
(2) Automatically Collected During Use: Such as device information, operation records, etc.
(3) Blockchain Record Copies: We may copy some of your transaction records from the blockchain system for reference, but the blockchain system's records prevail.

9.7 Through the collection and processing of this information, KcPay aims to offer services that are more secure, efficient, and tailored to user needs, while ensuring full protection of user privacy and data security.

10、Autonomous Management of User Information

10.1 In KcPay, you have full authority to manage your personal information and wallet data. Here are some key actions you can take to ensure the security of your information and have full control over your digital assets:

10.2 Wallet Management:
(1) Import and Export: You can easily import your decentralized digital wallets into KcPay or export your KcPay wallet to other decentralized digital asset management platforms.
(2) Wallet Details Display: KcPay clearly shows all relevant information about the imported wallet, including assets and transaction history.

10.3 Asset Management:
Organize Assets: In the "Assets" section, you can independently manage your digital token types, make asset adjustments, and carry out transactions such as transfers and receipts.

10.4 Autonomy of Choice:
Provision of Information: For services that require the collection of specific information, we will notify you in advance and give you the choice to provide it. Choosing not to provide this information may affect your use of the related services.

10.5 Public Nature of Transaction Records:
Blockchain Transparency: Due to the public and transparent nature of blockchain, your transaction records on KcPay are public, and we cannot control their publicity.

10.6 Updating and Deleting Information:
User Request: You have the right to request us to update, correct, or delete your personal information at any time. We will strive to respond to and accommodate these requests, provided they do not violate legal requirements and security needs.

10.7 The above contents are your main guidelines for personal information management while using KcPay. We commit to respecting and protecting user privacy and data security, while offering the flexibility and control you need to manage your digital assets confidently and effectively.

11、Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

11.1 Scope of Responsibility for Services:
Limited to Agreement Obligations: KcPay is only responsible for the obligations explicitly listed in this agreement.

11.2 Service Limitations:
(1) Technical and Conditional Limitations: KcPay offers services based on current technology and conditions but does not guarantee uninterrupted or error-free service.
(2) Force Majeure Disclaimer: KcPay is not liable for service interruption or asset loss due to force majeure events such as natural disasters.
(3) Technical Failure Disclaimer: KcPay is not responsible for service interruption or loss due to non-KcPay factors such as device failure, system problems, or network issues.
(4) User Error Disclaimer: KcPay is not liable for losses caused by user errors, unauthorized use, or downloading non-official versions.

11.3 User Responsibility Scope:
(1) Security of Private Keys: Users must manage their private keys, wallet passwords, mnemonic phrases, etc., responsibly. Losses due to personal leakage or forgetfulness are borne by the user.
(2) Self-Bearing Transaction Risks: Users bear the losses caused by operational errors or unstable node choices.

11.4 User Risks and Consequences:
Third-Party Service Risks: Users bear the risks of using third-party services, such as smart contracts or developer modes.

11.5 Nature of Service Explanation:
(1) Tool Nature: KcPay serves merely as a digital asset management tool and does not control third-party service quality.
(2) Risk and Responsibility Limitation: KcPay does not bear risks and responsibilities for third-party transactions.

11.6 Conflict of Interest Waiver:
Explicit Conflict of Interest: Users waive any potential conflicts of interest that may exist in KcPay's provision of services.

11.7 No Warranty Declaration:
(1) Service Suitability: KcPay does not guarantee that the services will meet all user needs.
(2) Accuracy of Third-Party Information: Accuracy of information fetched from third-party exchanges is not guaranteed.
(3) Counterparty Performance: KcPay does not guarantee the performance of obligations by transaction counterparts.

11.8 Investment Risks:
Non-Investment Advisor: KcPay does not provide investment or legal advice, and users bear their investment losses.

11.9 Legal Compliance:
Regulatory Adaptation: KcPay may adjust user access criteria and service methods according to legal requirements.
This disclaimer aims to clarify the scope and limitations of KcPay as a decentralized wallet service provider, ensuring users understand the risks involved in using the service. Users understand and agree that using KcPay services indicates acceptance of the terms of this disclaimer.

12、Support Requests

12.1 Should you contact our support team, we may occasionally collect personal data as part of the support request. However, we are committed to ensuring the security and confidentiality of this information. Support information may be managed using third-party services, and further terms of these services may apply to your support requests.

13、Data Retention Policy

13.1 KcPay is dedicated to ensuring the reasonable and appropriate storage of personal data. Below are key elements of our data retention policy:

(1) Retention Duration: We determine the retention period based on the nature of the data, legal and regulatory requirements, contractual obligations, and operational needs. This means different types of data may have different retention periods.
(2) Legal and Regulatory Requirements: In compliance with applicable laws (such as tax regulations, anti-money laundering laws, etc.), we may be required to retain certain data for a specified period.
(3) Pending and Potential Litigations: If your data is related to any pending or potential legal proceedings, we may need to retain relevant data until the conclusion of the litigation and the possibility of further appeals is exhausted.
(4) Contractual Obligations: Certain contractual relationships may require us to retain data during the duration of the contract and for a period afterward.
(5) Operational Needs: For internal operational needs, such as audits, data analysis, internal reporting, etc., we may need to retain certain data.
(6) Data Deletion: Once your personal data is no longer needed for storage, we will securely delete or anonymize it.

14、Changes to the Privacy Policy

KcPay reserves the right to change this privacy policy at any time. Any changes will be posted to ensure you are always informed about what information we collect, how we use it, and under what circumstances we disclose it. If possible, we will notify you about significant changes.

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