The first crypto face recognition public chain in the earth

The most secure encrypted public chain in the earth
About Us

KC Application Overview

KC aims to leverage blockchain technology for social consulting and payments, combining a fission mechanism to encourage user growth and engagement.

The world’s most powerful
Crypto App.

Users generate a 16-digit unique identifier locally, serving as a unique identifier within the system.
User Registration
Users create a password to ensure account security.
The system does not rely on TRC (Tron) nodes, ensuring all operations are localized.
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Divided into three sections: Team, News, and Mine.
News Section
Reserved for official updates and announcements.
Mine Section
Excludes financial attributes, focusing on personal account details, such as the unique identifier, which acts similarly to a private key.
Fission Mechanism
Rewards for registration, direct referrals, and team growth. Enhancements in computing power and market level are related to team expansion.
KCP Token Planning

KCP Token Information Overview

1. Initial Token Supply

  • Contract address: 0xfe702f40ab9467f503a5fef3752a89881efda7eb
  • Total Supply: 10 billion KCP tokens.
  • Smart Contract Enforcement: Utilization of smart contracts to maintain supply limits and enforce distribution rules.

2. Token Distribution

  • Community Allocation (70%):
    1. Airdrop to Community Members (30%): Rewards for active community participation.
    2. Facial Recognition Incentive Fund (40%): Promotion and encouragement of facial recognition technology usage.
  • User Incentives: Rewards distributed by the community ecology for user engagement and participation.
  • System Fund: Allocation for protocol development, grants, and liquidity reserves.
  • Network Operations: Funding for operational costs, including technical support and marketing efforts.
  • Development Team (6.5%): Reserved tokens for the development team, with a 5-year lock-in period and staged unlocking from January 1, 2029, to December 31, 2032.
  • Investors (10%): Allocated for early backers with a lock-in period and phased release schedule.
  • KCP Foundation Reserve (13.5%): Reserved for unforeseen expenses, future projects, and contingency funding.

3. Token Issuance Schedule

  • Phased Unlocking: Gradual release schedule for tokens allocated to the development team, investors, and reserve funds to ensure market stability.
  • Community Tokens: Issuance managed by smart contracts, with release conditions tied to network growth and user engagement metrics

4. Governance and Utility

  • Governance Token: KCPAY tokens grant voting rights in governance decisions, employing a "one token, one vote" mechanism to ensure democratic participation.
  • Ecosystem Utility: Tokens serve multiple functions within the KCPAY ecosystem, facilitating various services and transactions.

5. Inflation and Deflation Mechanisms

  • Inflation Control: Potential introduction of a modest inflation rate to incentivize network participation and support new developments.
  • Burning Mechanism: A strategy to burn tokens periodically to control inflation and enhance token scarcity over time, thereby potentially increasing value.

6. Regulatory Compliance

  • Legal and Regulatory Adherence: Ensuring that the token model and associated activities comply with the relevant legal and regulatory frameworks across different jurisdictions to maintain operational legitimacy and user trust.

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KCPAY's team is composed of a diverse group of industry experts, innovators, and visionaries, all dedicated to revolutionizing the digital payment and financial services landscape.
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Concept of KcPay

Concept incubation of KcPay, team formation, and market research initiation. Completion of core team and key technical talent recruitment. Completion of first-round seed investment, initiating project development. Whitepaper publication and preliminary design of KCP coin.



Development of the encrypted wallet prototype, commencement of KCP coin development and smart contract writing. Development of core technology, including the base blockchain and smart contracts. Internal testing and security audit, validating smart contracts and blockchain protocol. Launch of testnet, collecting user feedback.



Comprehensive security assessment and penetration testing of the entire platform, code optimization. Wealth creation feature validation. Testing and validation of supercomputing AI-driven staking and investment strategies.


Facial recognition technology

Integration of encrypted facial recognition technology, adjustment of technology validation and certification processes.


AI testnet validation

Testnet encryption and on-chain verification of facial recognition. Supercomputing AI testnet validation, adjustment of AI algorithms. Construction and recruitment of global operational center executives.


Public testing

Public testing of facial recognition wallet, adjustment based on feedback. Launch of encrypted facial recognition WEB3 wallet. Selection and establishment of operational centers in Europe, South America, North America, Asia, and Africa.



Launch of facial recognition integrated with supercomputing AI. Launch of community-driven decentralized shareholder economic model. Trial operation of operational centers across six continents.


Public testing of facial recognition public chain testnet.

Implementation of the global cross-border trade payment settlement center, marking a significant shift in global trade payment and settlement models.


Open the World

Centering around continents, recruiting outstanding executives, and establishing national operational centers. Planning to establish operational centers in Spain, Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, the USA, Canada, Portugal, Russia, Turkey, Algeria, the UAE, India, Bangladesh, Croatia, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, and Hong Kong. Achieving decentralized network construction for the entire system.


Reaching the next billion users with the world’s best partners

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